The Highway Code 2022

The Highway Code 2022The Highway Code 2022 – written and published by the Driving Standards Agency. We are licensed by the DVSA to reproduce the Highway code so the copy you receive from us holds exactly the same information as the official version. The difference with the UK Driving Skill’s version however is that it also includes 200 interactive theory test practise questions and answers!

The Highway Code covers all aspects of road safety with advice for pedestrians, horse riders, cyclists, drivers and motorcyclists. In fact anyone who uses the road benefits from its advice.

Although the code itself is not law, there are many regulations within it which are enforceable by the law. Everyone who uses the road has a duty of care towards others, and knowledge of its contents can help us keep safe on the roads. It’s an indispensable tool for all drivers and riders, and not just for those who are preparing to take a test. However, that’s not all you get…

Theory Test Questions

Do you want to get ready for your theory test? This downloadable kindle version of the Highway Code comes complete with 200 interactive theory test practise questions for cars. The questions are also produced under licence from the DVSA guaranteeing a realistic experience when you try these out. As a result of buying this book you will improve your chances in passing both your driving test and theory test.

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The book is available to download for Amazon Kindle and looks great on your mobile phone or your Kindle reader and tablet.

The car version is one of the Learning to Drive series which includes: