Taking Driving Lessons & Coronavirus

Driving lessons & coronavirusTaking driving lessons & coronavirus do not sit well together. For the second time the year the government has announced a national lockdown due to Covid-19; but this time the rules are different depending which part of the UK you live in.

The DVSA has suspended driving tests in England from the 5th November until December 2nd. However, you can still take a test in Scotland. If you live in Wales you will be able to take a driving test again from the 9th November. You cannot cross the borders though to take a test in another country!

Driving Test Cancellations

If you have had a test cancelled, you will be issued with a new date automatically. The booking system is likely to be overwhelmed with people trying to get information or to change a test date. I would recommend that you try to be patient and wait for your new date to come through. Only contact the DVSA if you cannot attend for the new date, but do not try to ring your local driving test centre: they will not be able to help you.

If you need more information about driving lessons & coronavirus, you can sign up for email alerts from the DVSA.

Taking Driving Lessons

During the suspension of driving tests, driving instructors must not take you out for lessons. It is a good idea however to keep up your standards by getting regular practise with a family member if you can. There is plenty of information to help you go about doing this properly. Teaching a Learner Driver is a book written for amateur instructors; it will guide your mum or dad through the training process and ensure that you are taught in a structured way. You can also use the Learner Driver’s Logbook to help with your training. And to help you prepare yourself for the practical test check out The Driving Test & How to Pass. The book is written by an ex driving examiner; Don will tell you exactly what to expect and how to stand the best chance of passing the test.

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