The Driving Test & How to Pass

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The Driving Test & How to Pass


There are many stories and theories surrounding the driving test, and most of them are not very accurate. People do sometimes exaggerate, or they just invent stories to cover their own mistakes. Too much misleading information has been put around by people who express opinions which are not based on fact; that’s why anyone about to take a test should read this book.

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Firstly, it includes advice on choosing a driving instructor. It’s important to get plenty of practise, however, you do need to ensure that the training is to the right standard.

There are helpful hints about booking a test, for example, how to avoid being scammed by booking services. It then goes on to cover all aspects of the test itself and answers the questions that learner drivers often ask.

Faults Explained

The way in which faults are assessed is explained, together with a guide to what areas these are marked under. Also, the difference between a driving fault and a serious one is discussed, so you need not worry about making ‘minor’ mistakes. There is a breakdown of the most common errors and advice on how to avoid them. It is a comprehensive guide which includes all the information you need to know as you take your lessons and prepare for the big day. This book will help to remove your uncertainty, and give you confidence. This is so important because preparation is the key to success.

The Manoeuvres

The book takes you through each part of the test, step by step. Sections on all the manoeuvres have guides to help you find out what you need to do and what the examiners expect to see. So no matter which exercise you do, you will have the knowledge needed to carry it out safely.

The Driving Test is an informative and factual read from a road safety professional. Don has decades of experience working in the driver training and testing industry. He has seen the driving test from both sides and knows the system inside out. It will help you to dispel the myths, and to give you the tools you need to make sure you are properly prepared for taking your driving test. As a result of reading this guide there should be nothing about the test which comes as a surprise. Read it and as a result you will make sure that you give yourself the best chance of first time success.

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