Learning to Drive (PDF)

Learning to Drive (PDF)


Learning to Drive – The learner Driver’s Manual gives you all the skills you need for success!

The book covers the basics of driving lessons from the beginning; moving off and stopping, changing gears, junction work and manoeuvres, all the way up to and beyond the standard required to pass the driving test.

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Some years later I took training myself and went on to become a professional driving instructor. I worked for a local driving school for a while, before taking further training and joining the British School of Motoring for a couple of years. When I decided to start up my own driving school, the family came to me for lessons. Things went according to plan this time because in the meantime someone had taught me how to teach.

The Benefit of Experience

If you’re thinking of teaching somebody to drive, this is the book you need. With four decades years of experience, both as a driving instructor and driving examiner, I will help you to train a learner driver to be safe, confident and capable. Also with the help of this book, you will learn how to structure lessons, and how to deliver driving instruction like a professional, avoiding many of the pitfalls that amateur teachers fall into.

The instructions are easy to follow and all tricky points are illustrated with clear diagrams. The book covers everything from gear changing, through to manoeuvring skills to preparation for the test.

With a careful study of this book, you’ll hopefully enjoy teaching a learner driver and improving your own skills; and as a result, your learner driver should pass first time!

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