How to Drive on a Motorway (PDF)

How to Drive on a Motorway (PDF)


As learner drivers prior to 2018 we were banned from using motorways, yet the very moment we passed the most basic driving test we were deemed fit to drive on them with no further training required. Did you feel ready? I know I wasn’t. I should have read How to Drive on a Motorway!

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The first time I drove on a motorway I had no idea of the effect this would have on me. Tiredness, concentration, and other factors that I had not taken into consideration. A driver sounded the horn at one point as I absent-mindedly drifted into the next lane. I think I was lucky to survive, however, after countless thousands of miles I think it is now safe to say that I have got the hang of it!

A Change in the Law

In June 2018, the law changed to allow driving instructors to go onto motorways during lessons for the first time; albeit only in a car with a dual brake for what good that will do. This in itself however, is no guarantee that instructors will offer this training. Most instructors will only teach the minimum requirements needed to pass a driving test; and that does not include the use of a motorway.

So if you haven’t had the advantage of this training, and are new or lacking in confidence on motorways then this is the book for you.

Don L. Gates is a road safety professional with over 35 years experience of training and testing drivers at all levels. He brings his wealth of knowledge to produce a concise, yet very informative book which will easily fit into your glovebox to act as a handy reference.

How to Drive on a Motorway is an introduction to planning and carrying out a motorway journey, easy to read and fully illustrated. As a result of reading this, you will hopefully feel much better prepared.

The Highway Code rules for motorways are included.

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