restart of driving testsThe planned restart of driving tests for drivers and riders in England has been provisionally set by the DVSA. Dates have been agreed upon, but these may be subject to change. Dates will vary depending on the type of testing to be carried out, but here is a timeline of the planned schedule.

Motorcycle Tests & Training

Motorcycle training and CBTs can start earlier as social distancing can be maintained whilst this is carried out. The scheduled restart is for the 29th March. The motorcycle manoeuvring areas at test centres which have them will also re-open on this date.

Motorcycle testing is due to restart on the 12th April.

Home Tests (Agricultural Vehicles)

Tests for tractors and other agricultural vehicles are scheduled for restart from the 29th March.

PCV Driving Tests & Training

The scheduled date for both training and testing is 29th March.

Theory Tests

All classes of driving theory test should restart on the 12th April

Driving Tests & Lessons

Driving lessons may being on Monday 12th April, in order to give candidates time to practise. But driving tests will not be available until Wednesday 22nd April.

LGV Driving Tests & Training

The scheduled date for both training and testing is the 12th April.

ADI Driving Tests & Training

For those who are training to be driving instructors, the part 2 driving test will recommence on the 22nd April. Standards checks for those instructors who are already on the register will also start on this date.

Instructors and trainers are to be notified of these proposed restart dates.

Test candidates will also be contacted to let them know whether or not any pre-booked test will be going ahead.

Training & Testing in Scotland and Wales

DVSA are in talks with the Welsh and Scottish governments about the planned restart of driving tests in those countries. Any developments will be publicised in due course.

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