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New Year - New WebsiteWe thought we would celebrate the start of 2022 with a new year new website launch. We’ve put an awful lot of work in over the festive break to bring you this modern new design; and we hope you like it as much as we do. It’s faster, cleaner looking, and it has lots of bells and whistles!

However there may be a few teething trouble or an odd error here and there; we’ll do our best so sort those out quickly. If you spot anything that doesn’t work or something that just doesn’t look right; please let us know.

We have moved some of the content. Access to the member’s area is no longer from the front page. Members can log in from the main menu at the top and access links to the theory test questions from there.

News & Views

You can reach our blogs in a number of ways: from the links at the bottom of the page, from side menus where you’re reading an article; and also you can go to the bottom of the page if you want to type something into the search box.

Theory Test Practise Questions

We have expanded the number of theory test practise tests that we offer for both car and motorcycles. There are now 16 tests for each with more to come as we add to the question bank and update those that are already there. With upcoming changes to the Highway Code, we’ll be the first to update our question bank so you can be sure that they will be up to date.

Highway Code 2022

Our Highway Code and Theory Test question eBooks will all be getting an update when the impending changes to the Highway Code are announced. You can also visit our sister website ‘The Highway Code‘ to keep up date with the changes as they are announced. We’ll be updating that as soon as we get hold of the information.

Free Theory Test Practise

To celebrate the launch of our new website we’re giving away 5 theory test practise subscriptions; one each for cars, motorcycles, LGV, PCV and ADI tests. Each prize will give the winner 1 month’s free access to all our practise theory tests. How do you win? This post will appear on various platforms such as Twitter & Facebook etc. If you see our post there, like it, share it & tag someone else who you think may be interested in winning a prize!


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