How to Turn Right at a Roundabout

When you want to turn right at a roundabout, as with normal road junctions, this will prove more of a task for you. Positioning on the approach will be the first likely complication.

You have already practised taking up a left of centre position, and this is what you should do unless there’s more than one lane. If there is more than one lane on the approach, then you should normally use the right hand lane, and make sure that you move into lane this in good time.

You should approach at a fairly low speed to give yourself time, taking regular observation to your right and into the lane you’re aiming for.

Preparing to Exit

Once you’re within the right-hand lane of the roundabout, stay in that lane and keep your speed steady until the exit. As you get near the road before the one you want to take, check your mirrors, particularly the left door mirror, then indicate left for your exit (marked at position S on the image).

Turning right at a roundaboutTurning right:

  • signal right on the approach
  • position left of the centre-line (or in the right-hand lane)
  • give way to the right
  • make sure you’ve a clear path through the roundabout, and keep in lane until you approach the exit
  • check your mirrors & signal left at point ‘S’
  • be aware of anything that may be on your inside as well as on the exit road.

On larger roundabouts there is a risk that another driver may come up on your left-hand side. This can happen if you’re a little slow or leave it too late to come back across.

If this does occur you should slow down until the vehicle passes before you move over to leave the roundabout. Or if necessary, continue going around the island and take the exit you need the next time around.

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