How to Deal With Multi Exit Roundabouts

Roundabouts with multiple exitsLots of roundabouts have only three exits; but what about multi exit roundabouts like the one in theĀ  image?

To leave by the first exit is simple enough and classed as a left turn, but what about the second exit? It’s also leading off to the left but you can’t signal left on the approach and must delay the exit signal until passing the first road (treating it like the ‘road ahead’).

The same would apply, of course, for the actual road ahead which in this case is the third exit.

You should treat roads four and five as right turns.

To summarise the basic rules, you should generally treat the first exit from a roundabout as a left turn; although on occasions the first road may be literally straight on. Any exit between the first and the 12 o’clock point of the island should be treated as ‘a road ahead’. Therefore you should keep to the left and signal left when passing the exit before yours. Treat any exits past this point as right turns.

Practising Roundabouts

You should begin driving through roundabouts where possible with left turns, then taking the road ahead, and finally right turns. This though, may be at the mercy of the layout and the location of the junctions within your area. For example, you should avoid a left turn at a roundabout if this exit leads to a busy main road. To remain in quiet surroundings it may mean having to choose the road ahead instead.

You must use your local knowledge to improvise and get around this the best you can. It’s a good idea to use a street map and plan your lesson route before you set off to avoid getting into areas that you’re not ready for.

Remember not to stare only to the right on the approach when driving through roundabouts; it’s equally as important to be aware of what is in front of you before you attempt to enter.

Too many drivers signal so late that it’s of little value to others. Make sure that you give your exit signal as soon as you’re passing the one before yours.

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