How to Go Straight Ahead at a Roundabout

Going straight ahead at a roundabout (following the road ahead) requires a little more thought. As well as searching for a gap in the roundabout you also have to select the appropriate lane on approach; this is normally the left-hand lane unless road markings or traffic signs show otherwise.

You should maintain whichever lane you use on the approach until the exit. Don’t cut across into the other lanes.

You don’t need to signal before entering the roundabout, but you should still check your mirrors before slowing down on the approach. Take regular observation to your right and towards your exit. You need to make sure that nothing is passing in front of you before you set off; and also make sure that there is no queuing traffic ahead. If your exit is blocked you should not enter the roundabout if it means that you would prevent other drivers from entering or leaving the junction.

Once you’ve safely entered the junction, check your mirrors again and then signal left (at the point marked S on the diagram). You should do this just as you pass the exit before yours to let people know you’re going to leave the roundabout.

ahead at a roundabout

Taking the road ahead at a roundabout:     

  • no signal on the approach
  • keep to your normal position (unless directed otherwise)
  • give way to the right
  • make sure you’ve a clear path through the roundabout
  • signal left at point ‘S’ and be aware of anything that may be on your exit road.

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