UK Driving Tests Go Digital

UK Driving Tests Go Digital in October 2019. If you have already taken a test, you may notice a change in the way it is conducted. The traditional paper driving test report used by examiners is being phased out, to be replaced by an iPad.

Driving Tests Go DigitalThe content of the report sheet will remain basically the same. You will still read and agree to insurance and residency declarations, but your signature will be captured electronically. Using a stylus or your finger, you will make your mark in the same way drivers and couriers ask you to sign for deliveries.

You will also confirm with the examiner that your email address is the same one used when booking your test. This is how you will receive a copy of the test summary; you will no longer receive a paper copy. You can change your email at this point. I would recommend though that you do this in advance rather than wasting time doing it in the waiting room.

The content and standard of driving tests is not changing, you will still be assessed in the same way. The examiner will use a stylus or finger tips to fill in an electronic report on the tablet screen. You won’t be able to see anything, the law requires that devices such as this are not visible to the driver. There’s no point glancing down to try and see what your examiner is doing as all you will see is a black screen. You should be concentrating on your driving anyway!

At the end of the test, although you will not receive a paper report, the examiner will still give feedback on your driving performance.

Pass Certificates

For the time being at least, a pass certificate will still be issued if you are successful. You will receive a summary of the report sent to you by email, this will show any driving faults or serious faults made during the drive. There will also be information on taking further training and what you need to do if you are not happy in the way your test was conducted.

If there is a problem with the device, you may still undergo your test with a paper form. You will however still receive the report via email, or by post if you do not have an email address.

For full and detailed information about the driving test, read The Driving Test Book

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