Driving at Night & in Bad Weather

Driving at NightDriving at night for the first time can be a strange experience; more so if you have learned to drive during the summer when days are long. Driving without an instructor beside you for the first time can be a bit scary; much more so in the dark!

Even after gaining experience, many drivers still go about in darkness in exactly the same way they do during the day. They show no recognition or regard for the extra demands that driving at night makes on us. As a driver you need to adapt in a number of ways to make allowances for the lack of visibility. There are also extra rules and regulations with regard to lighting and parking which differ from those set during the day.

Bad Weather

During the spring and summer months the weather is at worst wet and windy, but winter driving presents a whole new set of problems. As an inexperienced driver your first encounter with the perils of winter motoring can be a daunting time. But if you’re unprepared and lacking in the basic knowledge of how to cope with such conditions the results can be deadly.

Ice, rain, snow and fog, all present extra hazards affecting not only visibility; but control of the vehicle too. You need to learn a whole new set of skills and put them into practise. Do you have them? If the answer is no, then this has been written for you.

The book is full of advice on how to prepare your car for bad weather, and what to do when you encounter it. Plus there are tips on what to do to get yourself out of sticky situations.

New and experienced motorists alike can all benefit from useful advice. Reading Driving at Night & in Bad Weather will make night-time and winter driving a more pleasant…and safer experience!

Includes The Highway Code rules for driving in bad weather.

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