A Mask for My Driving Test?

do I need to wear a mask for my driving testDo I have to wear a mask for my driving test? Yes, the wearing of face coverings is compulsory. However, if there is a valid medical reason why you cannot wear one, you need to state the reason for this when you book your test. This may mean that you have to travel to a different test centre, because only a few examiners are willing to volunteer to conduct tests under these circumstances.

Your examiner will ask you to briefly lower your mask to carry out an ID check.

If you have a problem with your face covering during the test, your driving examiner will ask you to stop so you can adjust it.

Vehicle cleanliness

The vehicle you provide for the test must be clean and sanitised. But your examiner will also use sterile wipes to clean any parts of the car that they may need to touch. Your test may not be conducted if your car is dirty.

Do not arrive for your driving test more than 5 minutes before your appointment time.

Waiting room and toilets

The waiting room will be closed to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, but toilets where provided will be available on request.

Accompanied tests

Normally, your examiner would ask if you would like anyone to accompany you on your test. However, during the Covid-19 crisis you will not be allowed to take anyone with you. The only exception may be for people who require a BSL translator.

Terminated tests

Your examiner will carry out all the normal test requirements. However, if you make a serious or dangerous fault, your examiner will direct you back to the driving test centre, where the test will end early. This is to minimise the amount of time you need to spend in the vehicle.

Test debriefing

Weather permitting, the examiner may ask you to step outside of the car for the end of test debrief. Your instructor / accompanying driver may come over for this providing that they wear a face covering. But this is only if you want them to listen in.

Covid-19 symptoms

Do not attend for a driving test if you or someone you have been in contact with has Coronovirus symptoms.

You can change your test appointment if you need to self-isolate on the day of your driving test. Because of exceptional circumstances this will be free of charge, even at short notice.

What if my theory test certificate expires?

Because your knowledge needs to be up to date when you take your driving test; you will not be given an extension to an expired theory test certificate. If your certificate expires you will need to take the theory test again.

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