Coronavirus Hits Driving Tests

Coronavirus hits driving tests

The Coronavirus hits driving tests and MOT testing, with testing suspended for up to three months. In the light of the Covid-19 threat, the DVSA has taken the step of closing all test centres as a precaution against the spread of the virus. The closure also applies to the theory test centres around the country.

‘Critical workers’ however may still be able to take a test at certain centres. Those who may be eligible for an ’emergency’ test include:

  • health and social care workers
  • education and childcare workers
  • key public service workers
  • local and national government
  • those working with food and other necessary goods
  • public safety and national security
  • transport workers
  • utilities, communication and financial services.

Anyone who has had their test cancelled due to the pandemic, will have their est re-booked at a later period and will be placed on a priority listing.

Should I Stop Driving?

Regular practise and experience is critical when learning to drive and you should continue to take lessons so long as this does not put you or anyone else at risk. Government guidelines may bring in measures which could limit what the public can do, but you should not stop taking driving lessons simply because your test has been postponed.

There are also changes at MOT testing stations. Some vehicles will be temporarily exempt from having to undertake an MOT test. This measure only applies to goods and passenger vehicles however; there appears to be no change as yet in the MOT testing of motor cars.

There are also some relaxations in the drivers hours regulations relating to drivers of large vehicles. You should check to see what measures apply to you or your vehicle.

For more information on from the DVSA on how the Coronavirus hits driving tests and other related matters click here.

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