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The work of UK Driving Skills is becoming very popular. Because of this the likelihood of copyright infringement unfortunately becomes more of a risk. People say that ‘imitation is the highest form of flattery’; however, we would prefer that people just admired our work rather than trying to pass it off as their own.

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We have encountered a number of occasions recently were other people have used text that has been copied from our work without permission. Other people in recognising the quality of our work have then used this to promote their own material. We even discovered a so called author selling an illegal pirate copy of an entire book from our catalogue under a different name!

UK Driving Skills takes pride in the work that we produce. We do not allow the copying or reproduction of that work in any way without our express permission. It is very disappointing to find that some people have no respect for the rights and creative talents of others; and that others may seek to illegally profit from what we produce.

Copyright infringement is a crime, and one we will not tolerate.


Because of these breaches of our copyright, we regularly search the internet for sources of infringement. We will take immediate action against anyone who we find to be using any of our content in a way that we have not agreed to.

Our thanks go to those who have passed information on to us, and please keep your eyes open! We have an army of past and present customers out there, if you spot anything that looks in any way suspicious please get in touch. In addition to the nice warm glow you get from helping us defend our rights, you may even find yourself with a little reward!

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