Learning to Drive

Bus Lanes & Tram Lanes

Bus lanes are becoming a very common sight on our roads now. It’s difficult to drive through any major town or city without coming across one of them. A continuous white line separates the bus lane from the normal driving lane. It may have a different colour or textured road surface. You may also see

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Pedestrian Crossing Rules

There are basically two kinds of pedestrian crossing, the zebra crossing and those controlled by lights (pelican, toucan & puffin). Pedestrian crossing rules can be needlessly confusing and differ between different types of crossing, all have white zigzag markings on the approach to them. You must not park within this area, or overtake a moving

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Crossing Approaching Traffic

When turning into a side road, you may be crossing approaching traffic. When vehicles are coming directly towards you, the gap can close very quickly; you need to be certain that you’ve enough time to make the turn safely. Where ‘crossing’ can be particularly hazardous however, is when traffic is stationary. Look at the situation

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Cyclists and Cycle Lanes

Cyclists and Cycle lanes are a common sight on today’s roads. As vulnerable road users, it’s a driver’s responsibility to make allowances for them. Being ‘vulnerable’ means that means that they’re at risk of injury and worse if drivers fail to look out for them. Although this article refers mainly to cyclists, you should give

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Effective Use of Mirrors

At the start of these lessons we mentioned how important effective use of mirrors is to safe driving; an once you start venturing into traffic you’ll find out just how true this is. All modern cars have an internal main mirror and two external door mirrors. The door mirrors sometimes have a curved surface which

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Driving in Busy Traffic

During your early programme of lessons, it’s vital that you don’t rush into things by driving in busy traffic before you’re ready. The learning process has to be gradual, moving on only when you’ve gained a reasonable mastery of what you’ve already learned. If you go into a situation which you’re not prepared for, this

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