Advice for Learner Drivers

Learner Driver Insurance

Learner driver insurance can be very expensive. It’s one of the many hurdles you need to get past in order to get your hands on that driving licence. If you’re learning to drive with a driving school, then you should already be covered. However, if you decide to take private practise, either in your own

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Ready for the Driving Test?

Want to know if you’re ready to take the driving test? How can you tell? The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (the people who conduct the test) have launched a campaign called ‘Ready to Pass?’. They’re concerned about the number of people  who fail driving tests simply because they haven’t done enough to prepare. Some

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Driving in Winter Sun

Driving in winter sun is perhaps the most underestimated danger of winter driving. The sun hangs lower in the sky during these months; it has a much more dazzling effect than the higher sun of warmer seasons. Its effect is at its greatest after rain or when there’s ice or snow on the ground. In

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Driving in Winter Conditions

Emerging from Junctions When the roads are slippery due to snow and ice, you must make allowances and change the way you go about driving in winter conditions. When pulling out of a junction you must exercise restraint and good judgement. You can’t set off with the same acceleration that would normally be possible on

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Driving in Icy Conditions

When driving in icy conditions, you must use all controls with care. When setting off you must bring the clutch up gently and gradually without too much power from the engine. Steering must be smooth and steady, particularly if you’re moving out at an angle from behind a parked car. Acceleration has to be very

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