Avoid Braking on Corners

Braking on cornersIf you feel the need to use braking on corners, then you have simply approached too fast. Whenever you approach any kind of bend,  your speed should be at its lowest before you enter it.

A car is at its most stable when it is travelling in a straight line at a steady speed; it is only when the driver does something to alter that when things change.

Anything that travels in a curve will be subject to centrifugal force. This is what pushes the weight towards the outside of the corner. The force of braking will push the weight of the car forwards onto the front wheels. Do this while cornering, and most of the force is transferred onto the front wheel on the outside of the bend. Do this on a slippery road and you could be in trouble. That one tyre may struggle to take the weight and could lose its grip.


It is always better to enter a corner a little too slow rather than a little too fast. The trick is to use your brakes if necessary and complete any gear changes before you begin to turn. By this time your foot should be back on the gas, not to accelerate as such, but to give the engine just enough power to keep the car at a steady speed throughout the bend in order to increase stability, with acceleration coming as you exit the bend.

When taking a corner; if you see things sliding across to the other side of the car; you know you’re going too fast!

Practising this technique to avoid braking on corners will help make you a safer driver. It will reduce wear and tyre on your car and give your passengers a smoother journey.

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