Become a UK Driving Skills Affiliate

UK Driving Skills Affiliate

Become a UK Driving Skills Affiliate and earn money from your own blog or website.
Signing up is simple and you can earn money simply by posting links to our site.

Here’s How It Works

Registration is easy, just read the terms & conditions (go on, you know you really want to!) then fill in the simple registration form.

Once we have accepted your application, all you need to do is post links from your website or blog to UK Driving Skills. You can use text links, or any banners & images that we provide for you.

What Can I Link To?

You can just link to our home page, or if you prefer you can provide links to promote individual products. All the code for this is generated from your affiliate dashboard.

Any visitors coming to our site from your links will be logged, and any purchases they make will earn you a commission. 

How Much Can I Earn?

Commission rates may change from time to time and we may also feature promotions. The current rate for books, downloads, and theory test subscriptions is 10%.

Once you sign up you will have your own affiliate area where you can create links, collect any images that we provide; and also track visits from your website and any commissions that you earn.

How Will I Be Paid?

All payouts are made via Paypal therefore you must have your own Paypal account to receive your commissions. Payments are sent at the end of each month and there is no minimum amount.

Can Anyone Join?

In short, no. Before we grant you an affiliate agreement, we will check out any website or other media that you intend to use. Any website that we feel contains poor or inappropriate content will not be accepted.

Ready To Sign Up?

Just head on over to our affiliate registration page, read the incredibly interesting terms & conditions and wait for our approval.

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