Are Car Mods Illegal?

Are car mods illegal? Well that depends on what they are and where you are going to use the vehicle.

With some types of modifications you can only legally drive a vehicle off-road. There are a number of legal mods which you can use on the road however, but they are subject to some pretty strict rules.

Tinted Windows

You can have your windows tinted, but the windscreen must still allow a minimum of 75% of light through. The side windows can be slightly darker, allowing a minimum of 70% of light.

If you’re windows appear to be darker than this, the police may stop you and use a light meter to test them.

Window & Mirror Ornaments

Whilst it is not advisable to hang anything from your mirror, it’s not actually against the law. Unless that is, your big fluffy dice are obviously limiting your view.

You also need to be careful not to stick anything to the glass which could impede your vision. Fines are likely for those who decorate their cars in such a way that they become a hazard to other road users.


You must not change the colour of the lights at the front and rear of your car. Also, you must not cover them with anything intended to change the way they look.

Some drivers like to add neon lighting to the underside of the vehicle so it appears to float. If you do this the tubes must not be visible or appear to flash. You must also avoid using the colours red, blue or green. These are the colours used by emergency vehicles; and you are best advised not to use them if you want to avoid unwanted attention.

car modsRear Spoilers

Want to give your car a big wing at the back? Go ahead; as long as it’s securely fixed, lacking in sharp edges, and it doesn’t restrict your view through the rear window.

Stereo Mods

You can spend as much as you like on a giant subwoofer in the boot; but don’t play your beats at a volume which means you can’t hear what’s going around you. Also, if your music is so loud that it’s a nuisance to others, you could end up in hot water with the law.

Lowered Suspension

Lowing the suspension is probably not a good idea on today’s speed hump littered roads. But you can do it if you wish. The only rules against this modification are that you must non alter the aim of your headlight beams; and that any alterations do not make the vehicle difficult to handle.

Exhausts Mods

The rules on exhaust mods say that whatever you do must no create excessive noise. There are limits on the sound output of a vehicle and you must keep this with the legal level. What you must not do however, is to remove either the silencer or catalytic converter.

You should really get a competent professional to carry out any car mods. And they are responsible to make sure that any mods the give your car comply with the law. They must also ensure that you are aware of the rules and that you do not intend to break them.

You also need to consider how car mods will affect your insurance premiums. The cost of this is certain to rise, and some insurers may even refuse to give you cover. In addition, think about how any modifications may affect the resale value of your car; big spoilers and loud flashy exhaust pipes are not to everyone’s taste! Before you consider making any changes to the way your pride an joy looks, above all make sure that what you are doing is legal. It’s expensive enough paying for car mods; but it may cost even more if you break the law and then have to change it back again.

Are Car Mods Illegal?
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Are Car Mods Illegal?
Are car mods illegal? Well that depends on what they are and where you are going to use the vehicle. Read our article on car modifications for more info.
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