Learning to Drive?

Driving Licences

If you’re looking to get your first provisional driving licence, or you’re looking for advice, we tell you how to:

  • apply for a licence
  • renew your licence
  • replace a lost or stolen licence
  • change the address on your licence

Learning to Drive

Our site is packed with advice for learner drivers, including:

  • choosing a driving instructor
  • driving lesson theory
  • driving books for beginners
  • supervising a learner

The Driving Test

Pass the driving test first time with our great study aids and advice:

  • practical driving test tips
  • driving test centre locations
  • how to book a driving test
  • online theory test practise

Theory Test Practise


Books for Learner Drivers

We publish the Highway Code & theory test question books, in addition to a range of books for learner drivers and those who are teaching them to drive.  

Driving Gift Vouchers

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If you’re looking for advice or have questions about learning to drive (or teaching someone), then you won’t find a better place to start. With over 40 years of experience in teaching and testing drivers at all levels, the staff here at UK Driving Skills are always willing to pass on the benefit of their knowledge.

If you have questions about driving lessons, driving schools, or need help to pass the driving test, use our online tutorials or send us a message. We can also help you to pass the theory test with our books and online theory test practise questions.

Our mission is to help learner drivers on the road to success. Whether you are learning with a driving instructor, a friend or a relative; we are here to help you along to make sure that you achieve your goals. We will help you navigate through the pitfalls and pot holes of learning to drive; and to hopefully take the stress out of your journey to passing the driving test and gaining your first full licence.  

Our Latest Articles

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  • How Long? – Learning to Drive Q & As
    There are many questions asked by people who are learning to drive, or those who want to start taking driving lessons. many of them start with the query, ‘How long?’ If there is something you want to know about driving then hopefully you will find the answer here. But if not… feel free to send… Read more: How Long? – Learning to Drive Q & As
  • Pavement Parking – Is it Illegal?
    Pavement parking is common practise throughout the UK. Drivers who create a hazard by doing this, may sometimes find a ticket stuck to their windscreen; but is it actually against the law? At the moment, it is if you’re in London or Edinburgh, where you could end up with a £100 fine; but not in… Read more: Pavement Parking – Is it Illegal?
  • How to Control a Skid
    Knowing how to control a skid is an important driving skill; but it’s better to know how not to cause one. Drivers sometimes blame all kinds of things for when they lose control of their car; but the fact is that the vast majority of skids are simply caused by bad driving. To avoid a… Read more: How to Control a Skid

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