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Hints, tips and books for learning to drive

In addition to theory test practise questions we produce a range of books for learner drivers and those who are teaching them to drive. We have everything you need for driving test sucess and a lifetime of safe driving!


– Teaching a Learner Driver
– Learning to Drive
– The Learner Driver’s Logbook
– The Driving Test (& How to Pass)


A complete copy of the official Highway Code plus 200 interactive theory test questions for:
– Cars
– Motorcycles


UK Driving Skill’s own version of the official Highway Code featuring all the latest rules for 2022!


Concise books to help new & inexperienced drivers expand their skills with guides to driving on the motorway, at night & in bad weather.

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New Mobile Phone Laws

From March 2022, new mobile phone laws mean that you could face prosecution if you use any hand held device when behind the wheel. This applies not only when you[…]

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Reversing on the Road

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Theory Test Practise Questions

Try out our free theory test practise questions and find out if you’re ready for the DVSA theory test.

And it’s not only for cars, we also have motorcycle theory tests, plus questions for LGV, PCV and ADI tests.

There’s no better way to prepare and to give yourself the best possible chance of passing your theory test first time! It’s also a fun way to learn.

Realistic Timed Tests

Each test has 50 practise questions (100 in the pro tests) and is timed just like the real thing. You’ll also be given a score at the end, plus an explanation of the answers.

As a result you’ll not only learn where you went wrong, but you’ll also reinforce your knowledge on the questions you got correct.

Licensed by the DVSA

Based on the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) revision question bank.

The DVSA has given permission for the reproduction of Crown copyright material. DVSA does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of the reproduction.

Questions marked with an asterisk* are © Copyright UK Driving Skills

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